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I really love everything you've reblogged from TheHiddenHogwarts. Thank you.

[makes a happy noise] I’m glad—Much of what I reblog from them is “I want to see this written and expanded on EVERYWHERE!” stuff.  I’m hoping that elements of it will work its way into my original writing as well.


After George Weasley realizes that most people are getting adaptive devices on the sly from the Room of Requirement and the castle itself—allowing for a self-fulfilling prophecy of secrecy—he opens another shop that sells these things. It is just as bright and fun as Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, and…

House elves keeping track of students’ meds and reminding them when to take what. Keeping them safe so students aren’t tempted to OD. And making pills small so people with problems swallowing don’t find it too hard.
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Hagrid and Lupin having a 24/7 support group in the hospital wing that students can go to any time during the day or night and get help and support when having a breakdown, anxiety attack, etc.

Self harming students finding beautiful butterflies on their arms/legs and tiny encouraging notes…




so sometimes i think about harry potter being in the aurors and like

he’d never really thought about child protective services, muggle or otherwise, cause it’d never been relevant, right? like when he was a miserable kid…




anyway who wants to hear the Cool Jewish Hermione theories i came up with when i was nine

  • mr and mrs granger began to suspect something was…strange about their beloved toddler when her play-doh creations started moving of…
There is a charm you can cast on written documents so that certain words appear one way to one reader, and another way to a different person. In this way, transgender students, their friends, and everyone in their trust circle can write a trans student’s correct name and pronouns but betwitch the parchment so that if anyone outside the trust circle reads it, they read the birth name and birth pronouns. Thus the student is not misgendered, but zie is protected from being accidentally outed.
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The Hogwarts walls are spelled to eliminate odors for survivors who have smell triggers.

Fred & George’s defense magic line includes robes with a shield charm on the back for wixen who can’t be approached from behind.

A survivor support group on campus that’s super well-established and does…


I want a re-write of the Harry Potter books where Harry has real and lasting problems due to the abuse he suffered as a child, and is subject to upon entering his parents’ supposedly “better” world.

Where Ron and Hermione find him huddled in a closet halfway through…

House elves making Snack Packs of assorted foods all in small bundles that students can take from tables and carry around with them in case they don’t feel hungry or up to eating at meal times or just need a bit of extra sugar later in the day, so they can get the food they need even if they don’t feel up to eating or hungry enough to eat at meal times. Snack Packs coming with small feedback sheets so House Elves can personalize and make more of favoured foods. Snack Packs just in case.
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Students who are phobic of insects, spiders or parasites, are given pre-ground or pre-mixed ingredients for potions class so they don’t have to touch them. If the recipe requires fresh, they are always paired with someone who’ll take care of all the buggy mixing bits.


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Muslim and Jewish students consulting rabbis/imams and discussing whether their potion ingredients and food are kosher/halal

Muslim and Jewish alumni joining the staff as chaplains, so to speak, to provide spiritual assistance and supervising in the kitchens so that the students of today can have the support the chaplains wished they had as students

Muslims, Jew, and other students with dietary restrictions opening apothecaries after graduation that offer kosher goods, halal goods, etc

Immune compromised wixen sharing spells that keep all bacteria and allergens away and putting up pathogen barriers at the entrances to the dorms that automatically clean the people and things that enter so that they don’t have to keep re-sanitizing every day.
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House-elves making immune compromised wixen special meals in heated, sealed containers to make sure they stay clean. And making sure to label which foods are pasteurized and 100% safe during feasts.
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After the War all house elves were freed, and, thanks to Hermione’s insistence, given counseling, free of charge by the newly formed House Elf Welfare and Protection Office.

Those who wished to stay with their former owners would be given monthly visits to insure fair…